100 Tea Captions for Instagram

I love tea and I love Instagram, so I decided to combine the two with captions for tea on Instagram.

Tea gives us more than we can ever receive by merely drinking it. It gives us new ideas to contemplate as the warmth spreads through our bodies.

If you’re a tea drinker, then you understand how soothing it can be. Tea captions are great for adding character to your photos and adding a bit of uniqueness to them as well. Below will provide you with some captions that should help you out during your tea photos on Instagram.

Best Tea Captions for Instagram

“Sip, sip, hooray! Tea time is the best time.”

“Tea is the key to my inner peace.”

“There’s nothing a cup of tea can’t fix.”

Life is like a cup of tea, it’s all about how you make it.

Tea is the perfect blend of comfort and happiness.

“The warm hug in a cup.”

“Tea makes everything better, one sip at a time.”

“Tea is my love language.”

“A cup of tea is a cup of serenity.”

“Tea is the answer, no matter the question.”

Best Tea Captions for Instagram

“The magic potion that starts my day right.”

“Tea is my escape from the chaos of the world.”

“Sipping tea, embracing tranquility.”

“Tea is my daily dose of calmness.”

“A cup of tea is like a gentle breeze on a summer’s day.”

“The elixir of relaxation.”

“The perfect companion for quiet moments.”

“Tea is the art of finding peace in simplicity.”

“Let the aroma of tea awaken your senses.”

Tea time: a moment to cherish and rejuvenate.”

Captions for Tea Lovers

“Inhaling tranquility, one cup at a time.”

“The elixir of warmth and contentment.”

“Aromatic moments steeped in serenity.”

Savoring nature’s embrace in a delicate cup.

“Unwinding with each delicate sip.”

“Finding solace in the subtle flavors of life.”

“Indulging in a symphony of delicate notes.”

“Embracing the art of steeping perfection.”

“Discovering bliss in a delicate infusion.”

“Elevating my senses with every fragrant sip.”

Captions for Tea Lovers

“Immersed in the harmony of flavors.”

“Basking in the gentle caress of brewed delight.”

“Sip by sip, unraveling the mysteries of aroma.”

“Letting the delicate brew whisper its secrets.”

“Tasting life’s moments brewed to perfection.”

“Embarking on a sensory journey, guided by leaves.”

“Steeping in the essence of tranquility.”

Captivated by the dance of flavors on my palate.

“Unveiling the poetry of nature’s infusion.”

“Wandering through a tapestry of delicate nuances.”

Funny Tea Captions

“I’m a proud member of the ‘Sip Happens’ club.”

“Cup half empty? Time for a refill!”

“The magical potion that turns me from grumpy to fabulous.”

Dear Coffee, we need to talk. Tea is my new crush!”

Tea: my secret superpower for dealing with Mondays.”

“I don’t need therapy, I just need a cup of tea.”

“Keep calm and drink tea…and maybe throw in a sarcastic comment.”

Tea: the reason I’m not a morning monster.”

“I put the ‘tea’ in ‘awkward.'”

“Me: ‘I don’t need any more tea.’ Also me: buys more tea

Funny Tea Captions

Tea: the socially acceptable way to say ‘leave me alone’.”

“I’m a proud tea-addict. I stir my tea with a wand.”

Warning: I may spontaneously break into tea-drinking sessions.”

Tea: the original morning fuel for grumpy souls.”

Tea and me: a match steeped in hilarity.”

“Step aside, coffee. Tea is the real ‘brew’ ha-ha!”

“Did someone say ‘tea time’? Count me in for a sip and a giggle.”

“My tea addiction is steeped in irony.”

“I don’t need a therapist, I just need someone to make me tea.”

“If someone ever breaks my heart, just make sure they replace my tea stash.”

Rain and Tea Captions for Instagram

“Nature’s symphony paired with a steaming companion.”

“When skies weep, I find solace in a warm embrace.”

“A cozy rendezvous with the rain’s gentle serenade.”

“Embracing the rhythm of droplets and fragrant sips.”

“The perfect harmony of rain-kissed moments and delicate brews.”

“A duet of raindrops and aromatic indulgence.”

“Whispered conversations amidst a drizzle’s embrace.”

“When raindrops fall, my spirits rise, and tea becomes my muse.”

“An enchanting fusion of rain’s embrace and liquid bliss.”

“Unlocking the magic of rain-soaked reveries with every sip.”

Rain and Tea Captions for Instagram

“Finding poetry in the symphony of raindrops and tea leaves.”

“Savoring the dance of rain and flavors on my tongue.”

“Rain-kissed bliss accompanied by a steamy companion.”

“Immersed in a symphony of wet melodies and warm sips.”

“A sensory delight: raindrops outside, tea brewing inside.”

“Lost in the rain’s embrace, found in the depths of my teacup.”

Rainy days and fragrant brews: a perfect blend of joy.

“When rain knocks, tea answers with open arms and a warm mug.”

Raindrops and tea: a rendezvous of serenity and indulgence.”

“Rainy moments, tea-infused memories, and a heart full of bliss.”

Ice Tea Captions

“Cool, refreshing elixir of summer in a glass.”

“Quenching my thirst with a frosty concoction.”

A sip of paradise on ice.

“Indulging in a chilled beverage that tantalizes the taste buds.”

“Summer’s kiss captured in a frosty embrace.”

Savoring the icy symphony of flavors in a single sip.

“A blissful marriage of frost and flavor.”

“Escaping the heat, one sip at a time.”

“Tropical paradise in a glass served on the rocks.”

“Chilled perfection that sends shivers of delight down my spine.”

Ice Tea Captions

“Taking a plunge into a sea of icy refreshment.”

“A momentary escape to a frosty wonderland.”

“An icy delight that sends chills of satisfaction through my veins.”

“Sipping on pure bliss, on the rocks.”

“Quenching my thirst with a frosty burst of flavor.”

“Embracing the cool embrace of liquid refreshment.”

“Icy dreams, captured in a tantalizing elixir.”

“Craving satisfaction? Dive into a glass of icy enchantment.”

Chilling out in style with a glass of frozen paradise.

“Raising the bar on refreshment, one frosty sip at a time.”

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