30 Funny Fake Friends Quotes

Mixed feelings about friendship quotes? I get it and I understand you.

Quotes about fake friends may be a bit humorous quotes that make you smile.

If a friend of yours disappoints you or doesn’t care about your feelings, it’s normal to feel upset and sad. You need to make sure that these words won’t destroy your personality.

Smile no matter what will happen, because happy people are more successful than those who grumble all day long.

Share these funny fake quotes with your real friends to make them laugh. These quotes will give you and your friends a good laugh. Pictures are included in the post.

“Some people are like emojis—always there with a smile, but lacking substance when you need real words.”

“True friends are like unicorns—they’re magical, rare, and definitely not made of cardboard.”

“Beware of those who laugh with you but secretly sharpen their knives behind your back.”

“Friendship should be like a comedy show, not a soap opera. Say no to drama queens and kings.”

“A true friend is someone who can make you laugh even when they’re not around.”

“When life throws you lemons, make sure your friends aren’t secretly handing you plastic fruit.”

“Real friends won’t just give you the LOLs—they’ll be there to help you pick up the pieces when the jokes fade away.”

“A friend who’s always cracking jokes might just be hiding the cracks in their loyalty.”

Funny Fake Friends Quotes

“Good friends will stick with you through thick and thin, but fake friends will stick you with the bill.”

“True friends don’t need laughter as a disguise; they’re genuine through and through.”

“A fake friend is like a knock-off comedian—they might imitate the laughs, but they can’t match the originality.”

“Friendship is not about being the funniest, but about being there when life gets serious.”

“Fake friends are like clowns—they put on a show, but you can always see the sadness lurking beneath the makeup.”

“Choose friends who are a punchline, not those who make you the punchline.”

“Friend who only finds humor in your misfortunes is no friend at all.”

“A true friend won’t need a fake laugh track to make your friendship entertaining.”

Funny Fake Friends Quotes

“Laughter is the best medicine, but beware of friends who give you the placebo effect.”

Don’t be fooled by the jester’s smile—a friend who only brings humor isn’t always worth your while.

“Fake friend is like a prankster with a hidden agenda—they’ll make you laugh but at your expense.”

“Real friends won’t just make you laugh; they’ll also wipe away your tears when the laughter fades.”

“A friend who only laughs with you in good times is like a comedian who forgets their punchlines.”

“Beware of those who tickle your funny bone but leave your heart feeling empty.”

“True friends won’t just give you comedic relief; they’ll also be there to share your burdens.”

“Don’t let the laughter fool you—fake friends often have a hidden script they’re following.”

Funny Fake Friends Quotes

“Choose friends who have a sense of humor, but also a sense of loyalty.”

“A friend who laughs with you is wonderful, but a friend who cries with you is priceless.”

“Fake friends might make you laugh, but true friends will make your heart smile.”

“A fake friend is like a clown without makeup—they might look entertaining, but underneath, they’re just empty.”

“When it comes to friendship, it’s better to have quality laughs than a quantity of fake friends.”

True friendship is like a comedy goldmine—they bring joy and laughter to your life without any strings attached.

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