The Top 100 Two Faced People Quotes Of All Time

People are often judged by their words and actions. When they say one thing but act accordingly another, there’s a problem. If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where your two-faced friend’s actions proved to be the opposite of their words, you’ve probably felt like such a person was dishonest or hypocritical.

We’ve all encountered them. Maybe it was at the grocery store with your family, on Facebook when interacting with your friends, or even in your own company

There are numerous quotes out there that it’s sometimes hard to know who you can trust and about fake people. And while we’re taught to embrace diversity, people have a tendency to be hypocritical, duplicitous and deceptive. And why is that?

These quotes will show you what hypocrites some people can be and also how they can deceive and betray. You’ll find out the dark nature of duplicitous and two-faced people, which is a common trait held by many narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths.

Use these quotes for fake friends and those fake people who you meet in life.

Two-Faced People Quotes

“Beware of those who wear a mask of kindness, for they may have a hidden agenda.”

“Two-faced people are like chameleons, changing their colors to suit their selfish motives.”

“Honesty is a rare gem in a world full of two-faced individuals.”

“Don’t trust someone whose words and actions don’t align, for they are masters of deception.”

“The greatest deception is when someone pretends to be your friend while stabbing you in the back.”

Two faced quotes

“Two-faced people are the architects of their own demise, as their lies will eventually catch up to them.”

A true friend is like a mirror, reflecting your true self, while two-faced people distort the reflection.

“Two-faced people are experts at playing the victim, while they are the ones causing the damage.”

Don’t be fooled by a sweet smile, as behind it may lie a cunning and deceitful mind.

“Two-faced people are like a book with hidden chapters, waiting to reveal their true colors.”

“False friendships are like fragile glass, easily shattered by the truth.”

“Two-faced people are like shadows, always lurking in the darkness, ready to betray your trust.”

“The company of a two-faced person is like walking through a minefield, never knowing when they will explode.”

“Actions speak louder than words, and two-faced people excel at manipulating both.”

“A true friend will always stand by your side, while a two-faced person will stab you in the back when given the chance.”

“Trust is fragile, and once broken by a two-faced individual, it can never be fully repaired.”

Two faced quotes

“Two-faced people are like puzzle pieces that never fit together, no matter how hard they try.”

“Behind every smile of a two-faced person, there lies a hidden agenda.”

“A two-faced person may wear many masks, but they can never hide their true nature for long.”

“Be careful who you trust, for even the devil was once an angel.”

Quotes about being Two Faced

“A two-faced person is a walking paradox, hiding their true self beneath a veil of deceit.”

The art of being two-faced is a destructive masterpiece that leaves a trail of broken trust.

“Like a coin with two sides, a two-faced person flips between personas, leaving others perplexed.”

“In a world of masks, the two-faced stand out as experts in the art of deception.”

“A two-faced person is a human kaleidoscope, constantly changing their colors to suit their agenda.”

Two faced quotes

“Behind the facade of a two-faced person lies a labyrinth of lies waiting to be unraveled.”

“A two-faced smile is the deadliest weapon, capable of fooling even the most astute observers.”

“Two-faced people are skilled puppeteers, manipulating others with their tangled strings of falsehoods.”

“The paradox of being two-faced is that the more you deceive, the less you truly know yourself.”

“A two-faced person is a broken mirror, reflecting distorted images of truth and sincerity.”

“Trust is the currency of relationships, and a two-faced person is forever bankrupt.”

“Two-faced individuals are like wolves in sheep’s clothing, preying on the vulnerability of trust.”

“Being two-faced is a lonely journey, for even the person behind the mask doesn’t recognize themselves.”

“A two-faced person is a master of smoke and mirrors, creating illusions to hide their true intentions.”

“Two-facedness is a poison that corrodes relationships, leaving behind a trail of shattered hearts.”

“A two-faced person may walk among us, but their true self remains concealed in the shadows.”

Two faced quotes

“The deceit of a two-faced person is like a web, entangling all who dare to come close.”

“Being two-faced is an exhausting charade, forever dancing between lies and half-truths.”

“Behind the charm of a two-faced individual lies a treacherous abyss, ready to swallow unsuspecting souls.”

“A two-faced person is a walking paradox, living a life divided between facades and facades.”

Backstabbing Two-Faced Quotes

Beware those who wear a smile in your presence but sharpen their daggers in your absence.

In the game of trust, backstabbers excel as masters of deception.

“False friends are like shadows; they disappear when the light fades, revealing their true intentions.”

“Behind every false embrace, there lies a hidden blade waiting to strike.”

“Actions speak louder than words, and the actions of a backstabber echo deceit and betrayal.”

“The deepest wounds are inflicted by those we never suspected would turn their backs on us.”

“A traitor’s smile is a dangerous lure, drawing you closer to their treacherous grip.”

“The art of backstabbing is a despicable craft mastered by those with a deceitful heart.”

Like a serpent in the grass, a backstabber slithers in silence, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

“In a world of deceit, backstabbing is the weapon of choice for those who lack integrity.”

Two faced quotes

“Trust is a fragile bond, easily shattered by the sting of betrayal from a false friend.”

“Behind the mask of friendship, backstabbers revel in the thrill of betrayal.”

“A backstabber’s loyalty is like the shifting sands, always changing direction with the wind.”

“The pain of betrayal cuts deeper when it comes from someone you thought had your back.”

“Beware the sweet words of a backstabber, for their honeyed tongue conceals a venomous heart.”

“A true friend will never turn their back, while a backstabber thrives on deceit and deception.”

“The scars left by backstabbers serve as a reminder to be cautious in choosing your allies.”

“A backstabber’s actions may bruise your trust, but they can never break your spirit.”

“Behind the false mask of friendship, a backstabber’s true nature lurks in the shadows.”

The mark of a backstabber is the trail of broken trust they leave behind, a testament to their deceitful ways.

Double Game Quotes

Beware of those who play a deceitful dance, constantly changing partners and motives.

“The art of manipulation is a cunning symphony, performed by those who excel at playing both sides.”

“Behind the facade of loyalty, double players master the art of hidden agendas.”

“In the realm of trust, double dealers reign as the architects of chaos.”

“The path of a double agent is a treacherous maze, filled with intricate twists and calculated turns.”

“A deceiver’s smile masks the chessboard of their intentions, always plotting their next move.”

“Those who play both sides of the coin are architects of their own downfall, trapped in a web of deceit.”

“In a world of secrets and lies, double dealers thrive, wearing masks of loyalty and betrayal.”

“The game of duplicity is a dangerous dance, leaving shattered hearts and broken trust in its wake.”

“Beware of those who straddle the line between loyalty and betrayal, for they are masters of the double act.”

Two faced quotes

“The path of a two-faced player is a lonely one, as trust becomes an illusion, and true connections fade away.”

“Double players are like chameleons, blending into their surroundings, shifting their colors to fit their desires.”

“In the theater of manipulation, double agents take center stage, performing acts of deceit with precision.”

“Behind the mask of friendship, double players navigate the intricate web of their own self-interest.”

“The game of duplicity is a perilous one, where trust is a fragile commodity, easily shattered by the deception of double players.”

“Double players are puppeteers, pulling the strings of those around them, manipulating outcomes to their advantage.”

“The mark of a double dealer is the trail of broken promises left behind, a testament to their deceitful ways.”

“In the realm of trust, double players are like whispers in the wind, their true intentions carried away, leaving confusion in their wake.”

“Beware the friendship of those who dance between loyalty and betrayal, for their allegiances are as fleeting as the wind.”

“The game of deceit is a lonely one, where double players find themselves trapped in a labyrinth of lies, forever seeking validation in their web of manipulation.”

Funny Two-Faced Quotes

“Some people have more faces than a Rubik’s cube, and they’re just as puzzling.”

“Beware of those who change personalities faster than a chameleon on caffeine.”

“They say honesty is the best policy, but some folks seem to have missed that memo.”

If hypocrisy were a sport, they’d be Olympic gold medalists.

“They’re like a walking sitcom, providing comedy with their ever-changing personas.”

“If they were a food, they’d be a two-faced cake—sweet on the outside, but filled with layers of deception.”

“Trust them as much as you trust a dog with your bacon. It won’t end well.”

“They should consider a career in espionage, with all the secret identities they’re juggling.”

“They’re like a human mood ring, constantly changing colors and leaving us all confused.”

“If they ever wrote an autobiography, it would be titled ‘From Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde: My Life in a Nutshell.'”

Two faced quotes

“They have more masks than a Halloween store, but sadly, none of them are convincing.”

“They’re like a reverse weather forecast: sunny on the outside, but dark clouds brewing within.”

“If their lies were currency, they’d be richer than Bill Gates.”

“They’re like a walking paradox, trying to navigate life with a moral compass that points in all directions.”

“If trust was a game of poker, they’d be the ones with aces up both sleeves.”

“They should get a sponsorship deal with a makeup company because their ability to change faces is impressive.”

“They could win an Oscar for their performances in the theater of deceit.”

“If they were a song, they’d be the ultimate remix, constantly changing the tune to suit their agenda.”

“They have a talent for tap-dancing on the line between honesty and deception, but their moves are far from graceful.”

“If they ever entered a talent show, it would be as professional contortionists, twisting themselves into knots to keep up with their lies.”

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